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I write a lot. I have written book chapters, articles for refereed journals, thought leadership pieces and even patent applications. My consulting clients are usually interested in thought leadership content. I like taking a somewhat technical topic and breaking it down into a message that can be understood by non-specialists. A good example of this is a piece I wrote on the role of genomics in psychotropic medication administration.

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The topic of genomics, specifically how genetic markers can help provide guidance to prescribers when administering psychotropic drugs could be confusing, but I think the message was communicated in an understandable fashion in this paper. Whether you need someone to write authored pieces or to serve as a ghost writer, I can help. These are usually priced on a project basis.


I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Morrison for more than six years. During this time, I have found him to be extremely collaborative. He offers a wealth of clinical expertise and is a mastermind when it comes to expressing the benefits of technology when used across the continuum of care. Dr. Morrison has authored numerous eLearning scripts for my team–all of which have received rave reviews! He is an excellent communicator who is skilled at explaining complex information in a way that all can easily understand. This also holds true for his presentation skills. These skills, along with his flexibility, humor and “get it done” attitude make him a great asset to any team or project.

Stephanie Sasse

Senior Director

Netsmart Learning Services

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