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Compared to the Consulting services I offer which are team or organizational focused, Coaching is personal. It is usually provided for middle and senior level executives helping them navigate career issues and other problems they define. These are, of course, confidential interactions and though they differ from traditional Consulting services, they too begin with the end in mind. So our first task will be to determine how we will know if we are successful.


At this time I have known Denny for about 20 years, 8 of those years reporting directly to him as his CFO. Denny is a dynamic leader, not just on a day to day and corporate standpoint, but also pushing our industry and behavioral science to new levels. He was an early believer in holding we providers accountable to results and outcomes, not simple provision of a service. He recognized early on the role technology could play in achieving a results-based model of health care delivery and because of that became a national expert and leader on the implementation, use, and data analysis of Electronic Health Records. More recently Denny helped guide our company through a new EHR implementation and helped ensure our focus on data and outcomes to a population where that has not historically been the target result. More importantly, Denny and truly good person and genuine friend and mentor. I could not be where I am today without his influence and guidance.

James Stewart, CPA, MBA

CEO, Grafton Integrated Health Network

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