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I have done more public speaking engagements than I can count. I have also held a variety of formal university teaching positions and other similar roles. While teaching and professional presentations differ, both require skill and ease with public speaking. I have presented on a lot of different topics but they tend to cluster around a few general themes:

Business Meeting


Generally regarding healthcare and particularly health information technology. I tend to specialize in areas that have to do with the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Hotline Consultant


 I wrote my first article on this topic in 1991 and have been a proponent of integrating customer service into healthcare especially behavioral healthcare.

Doctor and Patient


This topic has been a passion of mine since 1984. How do we keep people engaged and participating in their own healthcare? It’s a topic that has always been important, but with the advent of value-based care it has taken on new urgency.

Regardless of the topic, one of my guiding principles when presenting professionally is this:

At least half of adult education is entertainment.

Nobody likes a dry, content-heavy presentation, even if it is important and relevant to one’s job. THEY. ARE. BORING.

I strive to provide presentations that are interesting and fun while still getting across the desired information. I also like to use audience polling technology when I present. The reason is that engagement, not content, is king when presenting. Keeping people engaged during a presentation is much harder to pull off than just presenting a series of professionally relevant facts. I carried this philosophy into the podcast series I did for one of my clients, which you can access below.

- Presentations

- Teaching Experience

- Podcasts


We invited Dennis to come and give a lecture at the Yale University Department of Psychology. The talk was excellent--pitched at a perfect level for PhDs, post-docs, and faculty--and Dennis spoke fluently about his experience and learnings from a fantastic career in healthcare technology. The talk was very well attended and everyone enjoyed and learned a lot from him. Denny is a great guy and really knows what he is talking about when it comes to mental healthcare.

Adam Chekroud, PhD

Cofounder at SpringHealth

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